I've been painting since the late 1990s.I am to some extent self-taught, but have attended some one-day courses at watercolor centers in Sollentuna with Maria Ginzburg (Sweden) and David Taylor (Australia). In 2000, I was in England for a week-long workshop with Ron Ranson. 2009 I was at a new workshop in Spain with Joseph Zbukvic from Australia, which is a great teacher. Since then I have participated in two other workshops with Zbukvic, which took place in France and in Corsica. On these courses, the greatest experience has been to paint out in place (plein air) which I am more and more trying to do here at home as well.

I have had around 30 separate exhibitions since 2004 and in recent years also participated in some collections exhibitions and some jury-rated exhibitions. 2013 included three of my watercolors on Liljevalch's Spring Salon.


2004 Bokbinderiet, Köping

2005 Bokbinderiet, Köping

2006 Bokbinderiet, Köping

2008 Galleri Stallet, Arboga

2009 Bokbinderiet, Köping

2010 Sagågalleriet, Nykvarn, Enköping

2011 Sagågalleriet, Nykvarn, Enköping

2011 Sagågalleriet, Nykvarn, Enköping

2011 Kolsva bibliotek

2011 Klingas konditori

2012 Sagågalleriet, Nykarn, Enköping

2012 Galleri Persgården, Visingsö

2012 Sagågalleriet,Enköping

2013 Nykvarns Hantverk o Galleri

2013 Abrahamsgården, Norberg

2013 Köpings utställningshall

2013 Galleri Småland, Alvesta

2013 Galleri Westerlind, Nyköping

2014 Brunnsta Värdshus, Eskilstuna

2014 Eskilstuna Ölkultur

2014 Täby konstvänner, Karby Gård

2014 Kungsörs konstförening

2014 Galleri Quirinus, Köping

2014 Stenhuset, Surahammar

2014 Nykvarns Hantverk o Galleri

2015 Galleri Quirinus, Köping

2015 Arboga konstförening

2015 Hallsthammars Konstförening

2016 Galleri Quirinus, Köping

2016 Utställningshallen, Köping

2016 Orangeriet, Kolsva

2017 Toras Bodar, Enköping

2017 Art Gallery Q, Köping

2020 Galleri Nordic Art

2021 Galleri Ester, Enköping

2021 Köpings GK

2021 Ekströms Konst, Västerås

2023 Muséet i Köping



2008 Tivedsbygdens konstf. adventsutställning

2009 Tivedsbygdens konstf. vårsalong

2010 Utställningshallen, Kungsör

2010 "Peace & War" Art Exhibition, England

2011 Sagågalleriet

2011 Västra Skedvi Sommarsalong

2012 Västra Skedvi Sommarsalong

2013 Vinterspår, Finnåker

2013 Toscana International, Italien

2013 V Skedvi Sommarsalong

2013 Barcelona, ADA gallery

2014 Vinterspår, Finnåker

2014 V Skedvi Sommarsalong

2014 Gallery Pall Mall, London

2014 ArtCard, Köping

2014 Julsalong, Nykvarn

2014 Julsalong, Stenhuset

2015 Vinterspår, Finnåker

2015 V Skedvi Sommarsalong

2016 V Skedvi Sommarsalong

2017 V Skedvi Sommarsalong

2017 Broby Gård, Enköping

2018 Galleri La Pigna, Rom

2018 V Skedvi Sommarsalong

2018 Helgutställning NloKal

2019 Helgutställning NloKal

2019 Galleri Couleur, Inför Affordable

Art Fair med Nordic Art

2019 Affordable Art Fair med 

Nordic Art

2019 Mässa Stockholm Moderna

med Nordic Art

2019 Galleri Nordic Art

Tema Stockholm

2020 Galleri Nordic Art Julsalong 

2021 Galleri Nordic Art

Tema Stockholm

2021 Affordable Art Fair med
Nordic Art

2021 Galleri Nordic Art Julsalong

2022 Ekströms Konst Vårsalong

2022 Galleri Nordic Art blandsalong

2023 Galleri Nordic Art

Tema Stockholm


2011 Väsby akvarellsalong

2011 Stockholms konstsalong

2012 Stockholms konstsalong

2012 International Watercolour        Biennale Belgrade

2012 Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition

2013 Liljevalchs Vårsalong

2016 Edsvik Akvarellsalong

2018 Edsvik Höstsalong

2019 Nationell Akvarellsalong

Edsvik Konsthall




‘‘Din "gade i New York" hvilken nydelse. Virkelig virtuost udført!’’

- Ane Grete Aagaard -



‘‘quite breathtaking; delightful discovery!’’

- Kirsten Stromberg -



‘‘Tjenare Benny, hamnade plötsligt på din hemsida och fick

se några (fler) riktigt snygga tavlor! Keep up the good work!’’

- Robban -



‘‘Mycket fin hemsida Benny och snygga tavlor :-)’’

- Onken -



‘‘Var på Nykvarn idag och såg dina tavlor...dom var helt fantastiska tycker jag... och även mina två väninnor!

...ja, vi blev berörda av dem helt enkelt!...’’

- Lena Palmér - 



‘‘Fantastiska akvareller med ljus och skuggor!!

Hittade sidan via Vårsalongen.

Ska besöka Liljevalchs o såg dina akvareller skymta förbi

i ett nyhetsklipp dagen innan vernissagen.

Målar själv sedan några år och hoppas utveckla bla att fånga ljuset,

helst ute i naturen!! (eller som Lars Lerin, bland byggnader,

gärna gamla timmerhus i Dalarna av olika slag)

Lycka till framöver!!’’

- Christina Göransson -



‘‘Congratulations Benny, Your own website it´s a great step.

Regards from Spain.’’

- Pablo Ruben -



- Anders Andersson -

‘‘Snygga akvareller. Mycket ögongodis här!’’



‘‘Vilka underbara tavlor!

Måste försöka komma iväg och se dem "live"!’’

- Anna Zackrisson -


A total of 157 artists participated with a total of 316 works.

I participated with three watercolors

I share the same theory as my "mentor" Joseph Zbukvic, from Australia, who claims that the watercolors hopefully "speak for themselves", that there is a small story that the viewer can find in it. It is at least my thought with most of the paintings, it doesn´t matter if it is about a street full of people and cars or a quiet morning at the water lily pond. That it should "communicate" with the audience.

Contribution 1:Green Reflections.

The painting is painted at home in my studio after a photo that I borrowed from my friend Tomas, representing his sailboat at an island called Granskär near Birka. The green forest that was reflected in the water was what mainly inspired me, but I also like to paint sailboats even though I never sailed.

Contribution 2:Rest, Köpings Harbor.

The painting started in plein air in the marina but was completed in the studio. Once again boats and a nice mirror that inspired me.

Contribution 3:Water Lily Bay, Annsjön.

This watercolor is also painted after a photo in the studio. The photo I took with my friends at their summer cottage in Ljusfallshammar. Most calmly, I think it is when you can stand on the spot and paint, but this is not always the most practical. In place, or "plein air" as it is also called, you get so many more color impressions than from a photo, and you can feel the atmosphere in a completely different way.


Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennal Exhibition 2012

The painting "Wet Road New York" 

""Drawing and painting, he has done since childhood, and a few decades ago he discovered the watercolor.


"I live in Kolsva, Västmanland and work as a bus driver at Västerås Local Transport.

 Drawing and painting has been a great interest ever since I was a kid, but the interest had to stand back during the 25 years I played football. In the late 90s I got my eyes on watercolor painting and got stuck right away. "


Benny has had great success with his painting and explains in an interview in 2014 what the secret is.


- Interest and a lot of work. I don't just want to picture, I want to make an impression too, bring a feeling, he says. "