A total of 157 artists participated with a total of 316 works.

I participated with three watercolors




I share the same theory as my "mentor" Joseph Zbukvic, from Australia, who claims that the watercolors hopefully "speak for themselves", that there is a small story that the viewer can find in it. It is at least my thought with most of the paintings, it doesn´t matter if it is about a street full of people and cars or a quiet morning at the water lily pond. That it should "communicate" with the audience.


Contribution 1: Green Reflections.

The painting is painted at home in my studio after a photo that I borrowed from my friend Tomas, representing his sailboat at an island called Granskär near Birka. The green forest that was reflected in the water was what mainly inspired me, but I also like to paint sailboats even though I never sailed.


Contribution 2: Rest, Köpings Harbor.

The painting started in plein air in the marina but was completed in the studio. Once again boats and a nice mirror that inspired me.



Contribution 3: Water Lily Bay, Annsjön.

This watercolor is also painted after a photo in the studio. The photo I took with my friends at their summer cottage in Ljusfallshammar. Most calmly, I think it is when you can stand on the spot and paint, but this is not always the most practical. In place, or "plein air" as it is also called, you get so many more color impressions than from a photo, and you can feel the atmosphere in a completely different way.



Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennal Exhibition 2012



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